Acidic PH1-6

  • Intentionally etching or extremely aggressive degenerative cleaning at the expense of the surface being cleaned.

Neutral PH7

  • Specialty cleaners that allow the safest cleaning.

Alkaline PH8-13

  • For heavy duty cleaning of greasy or neglected surfaces.


Acidic Cleaners

  • They are generally a sulfamic or phosphoric base.
  • They are used on grout, pavers, brick, and stone that is not a calcium carbonate base.
  • They remove mineral deposits and dirt.

Neutral Cleaners

  • These cleaners can be used for any surface for routine maintenance, and are good for everyday use.

Alkaline Cleaners

  • These cleaners are used for cleaning greasy surfaces, and also as strippers for removing sealers, finishes, and waxes.


Acidic Cleaners

  • Never use MURIATIC acid. It is too strong and will damage.
  • Always wet surface first.
  • Always neutralize when done.
  • They are not recommended for limestone, marble or sandstone surfaces. Acids etch the material they touch.

Neutral Cleaners

  • Sometimes these cleaners are not strong enough for the job.
  • See acidic or alkaline cleaners.
  • Always refer to labels.

Alkaline Cleaners

  • These products can be caustic.
  • PH10 and higher can burn skin and eyes.
  • These products are not for everyday use.