The Ceramic Tile and Stone Association was formed in 1988 by our founder, Tom Yocum, and is the only State Tile and Stone Association. We have through the years, continually served contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers in our industry with educational programs, dinner programs and networking with each other.

Our contractors and suppliers have long time roots in Arizona.  They will be there to service you when you need them. Our members remain in business because of our education programs and seminars. The culture and values of our CTSAA members are aligned. Many of our members are Ceramic Tile Consultants (CTC’s) and they have to re-certify each year through the Ceramic Tile Institute of America for their continuing education. There are many competitors in the tile and stone industry that do not have these certified employees on their staff.

As all industries in today’s world, materials change readily. That is why when you do business with a CTSAA member, it is not sold or installed in the old way.  It is sold and installed with up-to-date information so your installation will give you many years of service.

We have been involved with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors Industry Advisory Board since 1988. We also support the Arizona Sub-Contractors Coalition which allows us to keep abreast of current legislative procedures.  We also continue to increase consumer awareness of our industry and have an annual awards program for our members to honor the top installations, and installers,  throughout our state.

CTSAA recommends that you use one of our ROC Licensed Contractors who will install your tile using the industry standards of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), American National Standards for the Installation of Ceramic Tile (ANSI), The Marble Institute of America (MIA), and the Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA).  For true value, please shop using our distributors. They have quality materials meeting and exceeding the standards of our industry. Their knowledge of our industry is also unparalleled.